Now is a critical time to ensure that your team feels valued and bonded

We offer a series of exceptional on-line virtual challenges that will bring your teams together despite their remote locations.

Meticulous planning is at the centre of every successful event. They say ‘it’s all in the detail’ and here at Firebird Events Ltd, we ensure no element is overlooked.

Offering the most comprehensive range of exceptional team building, developmental and motivational activities in the UK, our experienced and friendly team are able to bring your event to life whilst enhancing your team’s skills, in a fun and all-inclusive environment.

virtual and hybrid team building activitiies and events for corporate clients

Our virtual team building options

Social & Networking
‘Absolutely great fun for everyone and exceptionally well produced’

Virtual Horse Racing

Experience the thrill of a flutter on the horses, and hold on tight through an action packed activity, all in the comfort of your own home.

Fabulously hosted by our amazing Compere, this is a fun and all inclusive activity for everyone. Typically run as a team based activity, our Compere will present 6 – 8 races hosted over the Zoom platform.

Following an engaging introduction, each team will be given a virtual money pot. You will split into your virtual teams to work together on deciding which horse(s) to back and what you’re prepared to gamble with the tote. Run by our operators, our tote’s virtual betting system ensures a quick pay-out!

With commentary run alongside each race, you’ll feel the build-up of excitement. With every race a close call, and the winner in doubt right up to the post, you’ll be put through your paces, shouting and cheering as you watch your horse jockeying for position on the home stretch.

Hands down, this is the most entertaining, amusing and “comfortable” night at the races. Let the racing begin!

Family Misfortunes!

Let’s go retro and plunge into the past with the entertaining “Family Misfortunes”. Do you remember the enthusiasm you used to shout the answers at the screen? The good old times when all the family were watching the same programme at the same time on the big chunky television!

Now you can relive all this in your very own show, and from the comfort of your own home! Just like the TV programme, the “families” or teams compete fiercely to guess the results of each of the surveys. Our highly produced, very slick and interactive show will genuinely impress and ensure a fantastic and unforgettable night for all.

Easy to participate, guests simply need to join zoom at the arranged time and follow our hosts instructions. Guests can be in pre assigned teams or you can leave it up to us to randomise it on the day. If requested, we can include a “Corporate” round into the quiz for you.

Virtual Bingo!

Looking to bring your team together virtually? You can’t go wrong with this fun classic! Hosted over Zoom by a Firebird compere, it is easy for all guests to join from different locations.

With 4 rounds being played in an hour, all guests will get to take part in 2 musical bingo rounds and 2 classic bingo rounds giving 4 chances to win.

Our music rounds include all your favourite tracks and will have guests singing along. Simply name the song playing and tick it off, once you have heard all your songs call out BINGO!

Virtual Murder Mystery

Firebird Events invite you to a rare and unforgettable evening of drama, intrigue, laughter and excitement.

Brought in to investigate a murder, participants must work in teams to investigate, find clues and examine the evidence. With questions, videos and photos there is no shortage of evidence for participants to analyse. Points will be awarded throughout for completing challenges and tasks, with guests also having the opportunity to use augmented reality and image recognition making this an experience like no other.

With a killer to catch, race against the clock to identify the weapon, murderer and motive. Who will be the first to crack the case!

The virtual format makes this activity easy and enjoyable for guests to join from their homes, whether as an afternoon Team Building activity or as over dinner entertainment.

Networking Challenge

The importance of networking is key to the success of any event whether it be face to face or in the virtual world. Our ‘Networking Challenge creates the perfect ‘virtual’ environment for your guests to network whilst working together to complete a selection of fun, upbeat, cryptic and creative challenges and questions.

Once you have joined the challenge you will be split into networking groups, these groups will then be split in to sub teams where you will be able to see the other members of your team to work together to complete the challenges.

Designed to create conversation, these challenges are the perfect way to break the ice and get guests talking and working together.

For all subsequent sessions, the sub teams within the networking groups will be mixed up to ensure guests get to network with as many people as possible. At the end of the activity the sub teams scores are added up for all sessions giving each networking group their final score. The group with the highest score are the winners!

Competitive Challenges
‘This was so enjoyable and it was so nice to see everyone again!’

Virtual Escape Room

An impressive and exciting departure from reality, The Escape Room is the ultimate immersive problem-solving team activity. Grab your most trusted comrades, sharpen your mind and senses, and see if you can outwit The Escape Room!

During the virtual escape your team’s problem solving skills and communication will be tested. Guests must work as quickly as they can to be the first to escape, by solving cryptic tasks, riddles and puzzles.

Our Event Manager will be on hand throughout to greet guests, arrange the teams into breakout rooms and guide participants through the activity.

With 60 minutes to escape and three stages to progress through, time is of the essence and teams must work together and communicate. While working fast teams must also make sure to be precise and pay attention to details to make sure no clues are missed.

Analyse evidence, unpick cryptic messages and work out which clues may be decoys.

Using our app, augmented reality and image recognition, this is our most interactive virtual activity with guests having the opportunity to click on objects to help them unlock clues, and ultimately to escape!

Can you escape before time runs out!

It’s Not Just a Question of Sport

Try as you may, you won’t find a more fun or fast paced sporting quiz. Interactive and entertaining, it ‘covers all bases’! Hosted over Zoom and using the breakout functionality, guests will be split into teams and will compete to be named Ultimate Sports Champions!

This activity is extremely flexible and rounds can be decided on to meet the needs of your event, taking into account group size and timings. Along with various sport trivia rounds, bonus rounds can include…

What Happens Next?
Teams must correctly identify what happens next in some unexpected sport scenarios

National Anthems
Teams must identify the country from its National Anthem

Observation Round
Teams are shown a famous sport clip and must answer questions on what they’ve seen and heard

Corporate Round
If requested, we can include a “Corporate” round into the activity.

Virtual Quiz Mania

Designed to run over Zoom, our Virtual Quiz Mania is truly fantastic! With extremely interactive and fun challenges, this activity brings people together, not only challenging their general knowledge but also their communication and teamwork.

With 6 rounds, groups will be faced with questions on general knowledge, movies, music and sport, also having their observation skills tested along the way. If appropriate, we can include a “Corporate” round into the quiz.

The activity is simple and easy for guests to participate in. Guests will receive a joining email prior to the event date with all of the details needed. They will then be greeted by a Firebird host who will lead them through the quiz and keep everyone up to date with the questions, answers and scores. Breakout rooms will be used to give teams the chance to talk through the questions and input their answers.

Puzzle Board Challenge

Our Virtual Puzzle Board is a fast paced interactive activity which has guests working together to navigate a board game and be the fastest to answer questions and beat challenges.

Once participants join they will be greeted by our lively and engaging host who will brief guests on the activity. They will then be split off into breakout rooms which will form their teams.

With 20 challenges to complete, guests will feel the pressure to work quickly against the clock and race to the end. Get as many points as you can in the time given. The questions and puzzles will test participants general knowledge and problem solving, while the group element will encourage communication and collaboration.

We all know the most exciting part of any competitive challenge is to win! For an added competitive element check in with the live score board to see where you are ranked against the other teams and give your team the boost they need to keep going.

Once the time is up teams will be whisked back to the main room to find out who will be named the winner!

Daily Challenge

We all know the start of the day can be daunting when working from home. Without that commute to the office it can be hard to know when your day starts. With the daily challenge we can push out challenges to participants smart phones every morning for up to 30 days. Get your team motivated and energized to start their day.

The creative challenges are focused around taking pictures and videos, this will give teams an insight into daily life for their colleagues keeping everyone connected and creating a better understanding of your colleague’s day to day life working from home.

Players will have the opportunity to review their works of art before submitting to make sure they are happy with what they have created.

Raise energy levels, keep your team connected and create memories that can be talked about for months to come once back in the office.

Artistic & Creative
‘I learn’t new skills that I would never had dreamed of!’

Terrarium Workshop

If you’ve ever wanted to build your very own self-sustaining living garden, then look no further…

In this relaxed, creative workshop you will re-connect with nature, learning the whys and how’s for making a self-contained living botanical environment. Inside your terrarium, your chosen plants will thrive off the moisture inside and will look after itself.

As part of the workshop we will teach you the fascinating history of terrariums before getting your hands dirty… Then you will be taught layering and planting techniques. Once built, we will run through some watering techniques and how to best position your garden, plus after-care advice too.

Guests join our expert plant geek and escape to his virtual tropical garden! Kits will be posted to all participants in advance of the event containing everything needed to create your terrarium. Kits contain a jar, gravel, soil, tools and a selection of exotic plants.

At the end of the activity guests can present their terrariums and a winner will be chosen. We will then post a prize to the winner. Once the activity is finished guests will enjoy finding a spot in their house perfect for their new terrarium.

Candle Making Workshop

Guests learn the heritage craft of candle making and make a range of hand made, vegan, soy wax candles.

 We will post out kits in advance of the event containing everything needed. Guests will receive a wax melter, wax, wicks, mould, tin, fragrance, colour and tools.

 Hosted by our expert chandler in the virtual candle shop, guests will be guided through each step from preparing the mould and container, arranging the wick, melting the wax, adding dyes and fragrances, pouring the melted wax and removing candles from moulds.

 Guests will make a fragranced container candle in a tin, a pillar candle in a mould as well as some tea lights.

 For an added teambuilding element we can arrange guests into teams and challenge them to come up with a name and brand for their candles, similar to a task seen on “the Apprentice”. We can put them into break out rooms where they can talk privately with their team mates and then pitch their new candle range to the judges and the rest of the team.

Mindful Mandala Drawing

Guests join our expert art tutor in the virtual Zen studio. 

The literal meaning of the word Mandala is “circle” and they are often used in meditation, mindfulness and yoga, signifying the universe, wholeness and a sacred space to focus attention and shut away external influences.

 This artistic, practical workshop is suitable for all levels of experience. Kits will be posted in advance of the event containing everything needed such as paper, pencils, pens and colouring pencils. All guests need to do in advance is to raid their cupboards and find three round objects to draw around. Ideally they will be approx. 6cm, 12cm and 18cm diameter, or thereabouts, and can be plates, cups, jar lids, saucepan lids, coasters etc.

Guests will be guided at each step to create a basic template for a mandala. Once the fundamentals are in place each person will then have the freedom to create their own artwork, with tips from our instructor, and show their individual flair by adding embellishments and colour.

Mandala drawing is the perfect balance between structured, technical drawing mixed with creative, freestyle flair so there is something for everyone and anyone can do it (even if they think they can’t draw.) It’s amazing to see the different art works created by different people using the same template!

At the end of the activity, guests can then chose to show their works of art and, as an optional competitive element, we can judge a winner and send out a prize in the post.

Life Drawing Class

Suitable for all, this sophisticated and practical workshop will unleash your creativity, whilst helping you hone your skills.

Kits will be posted out to all participants in advance of the event containing drawing sets, pencils, charcoals and paper pads.

Guests join our expert tutor in the virtual art studio. Beginning with a lesson, our art instructor will demonstrate how to tackle proportion, perspective, anatomy, line, gesture, shading and tone to help you achieve your very own masterpiece. You will then practise and perfect these techniques ahead of the finale – your drawing of our professional life model.

At the end of the activity, guests can then chose to show their works of art and, as an optional competitive element, we can judge a winner and send out a prize in the post.

Food & Drink
‘Absolutely scrumptious and unforgettable’

Cookery Master Class!

Food, Glorious, Food! We have a range of different masterclasses to help inspire and empower you in the kitchen. Perfect for foodies wanting to sharpen up their skills, or novices who want to learn – these classes will certainly whet your appetite!

Using Zoom, guests are invited to join our top professional chef. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients together with ethical food brands, we hope to impart our knowledge of nutrition, baking and cooking techniques to get you cooking, with minimal waste. Packages will be sent out prior to the event with everything needed for the activity. Due to this we require a lead time of 3 weeks for all of our Cookery Master Class activities.

Indian Cook A Long

Italian Cook A Long

Healthy Heart
Cookery Workshop




Bake A Long


Bread Making Masterclass

Guests join our expert bread chef in his virtual bakery and reconnect with each other whilst learning how to make their own bread.

There is no need to worry about the flour shortage or braving the supermarket! We’ll do the shopping for you and a kit of ingredients and equipment will be sent out in the post prior to the event.

 The activity takes place in 3 sessions over 3.5 hours, with breaks to allow for proving and baking times, making it the perfect activity to run alongside meeting sessions and corporate updates.

At the end of the activity, guests present their loaves to the rest of the group and, as an optional fun finale, our chef can judge the star baker and a prize can be sent out in the post.

Virtual Cocktail Making Workshop

In our Virtual cocktail masterclass, guests can combat the stresses and strains of isolation. Your team will have a fantastic experience racing each other by shaking, muddling, layering and creating their own perfect cocktail. We have different package options to suit your needs and all options including one of our bartenders online, in real time.

Option 1 – Program only
If guests are happy to provide their own stock and equipment we can run just the programme only. We would provide a shopping list in advance of the event date for guests to gather the ingredients they will need. You will then be joined on the day by one of our master cocktail makers to show guests how its done.

Option 2 – Program and Ingredients (2 cocktails)
Worried about getting your hands on the ingredients? Not to worry! We can send ingredients for two different cocktails to each participant, a Gin Smash and a Cosmopolitan. Guests will then need to make the drinks using everyday kitchen items.

Options 3 – Program and Ingredients (3 cocktails)
If you have more time on your hands perhaps our 3 cocktail option would suit you better. Option 3 adds a Baby Guinness to the 2 cocktails already offered above in option 2.

Option 4 – Program, Ingredients and Equipment
If you would like the full cocktail workshop experience we can send Cocktail Kits to all participants along with the ingredients. The kits include a shaking tin & shaking glass, muddler, bar spoon, strainer, measurer.

Virtual Wine Tasting Workshop

If you are looking for a relaxed and low key way to bring your team together and reconnect look no further than our Virtual Wine Tasting. With guests safe and comfortable at home, you will be joined by one of our wine experts to talk you through each of the wines as your guests try them.

Striking exactly the right balance between entertainment and education, the tasting is pitched at a level that ensures everyone can participate and thoroughly enjoy the event. Your guests will be transformed into a bunch of budding wine experts before you know it!

All wines will be sent out to participants prior to the events date so you won’t need to provide anything additional to participate other than the glass of course!

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